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Even on a wet and windy day Fernbrae Meadows is a delight. Don’t just take my word for it.  The transformation of a former golf course into an urban park was completed in 2019 and has quickly won a place in the hearts of the residents of Cathkin and Fernhill.

We’d like to bring this Scottish Government consultation to your attention. Please note that the deadline for responses is 12 February.…

Flooding has been in the news of late. Severe flooding in Venice left much of the famous Italian city under water whilst much closer to home South Yorkshire was hit by calamitous November floods. The Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro wasn’t pulling any punches when he noted that “These are the effects of climate change... the costs will be high."

Scotland’s national nature agency, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) will ‘rebrand’ to ‘NatureScot’ from May 1st 2020, in plans to adapt the organisation to meet current environment challenges.  Read more.

The JCBs have gone, the hard hats have been hung up for the last time. The temporary fencing moved on to another site. In their place the graceful curves of a revamped public space.  With stunning play areas, a sweeping burn, rich wildflower meadows, and a network of newly created paths no wonder the Middlefield regeneration project in Aberdeen is proving popular.

On a clear day the views from Fernbrae Meadows are stunning. The Campsie Hills rear up to the north and beautifully frame Glasgow, but to be fair you don’t really need such a glorious distant view when the close vision is as rich as the one at Fernbrae.

The scale of this project will take your breath away.  Exit Easterhouse railway station, cross the M8 and suddenly a vast view opens up – a view undergoing change on a huge scale. This is Blairtummock and what were once deserted streets, old blaze pitches and the site of a demolished primary school is alive with activity.  And this is only one part of the project!

The National Rules for the European Structural and Investment Funds have been updated and are available to download from the Scottish Government's