Scotland’s Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention (GISI) creates better places and enhances quality of life in some of Scotland’s most deprived areas.

We have produced leaflets showcasing our project sites and the positive impact they are already having on the lives of people living in areas of multiple deprivation.  For more details about any of our projects, please visit our suite of project pages which can be accessed her

Rewilding is a phrase which, in an urban context, has the power to stop people in their tracks.

Edinburgh’s Broomhouse Market Garden is an impressive community project by any standards.  It offers volunteering, training and wo

It was wet and windy when we met to celebrate the completion of the Greater Easterhouse Green Infrastructure project back in December. The site at Blairtummock was perhaps a little raw looking, however, the cool temperature and soggy surrounds couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm for a great transformation.

‘Schooldays – the best days of your life.’  So the saying goes, and in Cathkin it rings true. Why?  Fernbrae Meadows, of course. A new urban park, taking the classroom outside and bringing a host of new experiences inside.

As we are well into the delivery phase of the Green Infrastructure programme, we've reviewed our current website structure and content.  In the spirit of a 'less is more approach' and in order to take advantage of some nifty new features, we'll shortly be re-launching our online platform on the SNH website .  

Even on a wet and windy day Fernbrae Meadows is a delight. Don’t just take my word for it.  The transformation of a former golf course into an urban park was completed in 2019 and has quickly won a place in the hearts of the residents of Cathkin and Fernhill.

We’d like to bring this Scottish Government consultation to your attention. Please note that the deadline for responses is 12 February.…

Flooding has been in the news of late. Severe flooding in Venice left much of the famous Italian city under water whilst much closer to home South Yorkshire was hit by calamitous November floods. The Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro wasn’t pulling any punches when he noted that “These are the effects of climate change... the costs will be high."