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How We Can Help

We have two dedicated Project and Funding Officers who are available to advise organisations that are considering applying to our funds. Each applicant will be assigned one of these Officers as a first point of contact.

We also hold open meetings to explain to potential applicants how the Funds work and to answer any questions about the guidance. Surgery slots with one of our Officers can also be booked. Details are posted on our website when meetings are advertised.

Our Project and Funding Officers will not be involved in the assessment of your application. Receiving their support  does not guarantee your project will be funded, because our funds are competitive and projects are subject to our independent assessment and scoring process which can be viewed here (LINK TO BE ADDED WHEN GUIDANCE UPDATED).

Once applications are received, they will be screened and assessed. Our Scrutiny Panel will recommend projects for funding, as well as confirming that due process has been followed. The Scrutiny Panel have been selected based on their expertise and experience in relevant subject areas. We will assess projects against our range of assessment criteria, the Fund’s outcomes and value for money. We will be looking for a balance of outcomes, as well as evidence of need, geographic spread, innovation, deliverability, fit with strategy and policy and a clear framework for monitoring, evaluating and reporting on results. The selection process ends with approval and sign off by the SNH CEO.

During the delivery period for the approved projects, our Project and Funding Officers will maintain on-going contact with grantees, fulfilling audit requirements and ultimately evaluating the outputs and results of the projects.

If you need advice from SNH about the natural heritage in relation to your project, or need a representative on a steering group, please contact your local SNH area office. The Green Infrastructure Fund team cannot provide this service but we encourage you to contact and work with our colleagues.


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