Grantee Resources

When you have finished uploading your claim to the Objective Connect portal it would be appreciated if you could email us at [email protected] to let us know.  We receive notifications when documentation is uploaded to Objective Connect but it is important to note that the system has no functionality to submit a claim, it only provides a mechanism to upload and share documents with us.


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Branding & Logos guidance

Communications Toolkit

Green Infrastructure Fund Logo (JPEG)

Landscape (Colour)

Landscape (Greyscale)

Portrait (Colour)

Portrait (Greyscale)

Green Infrastructure Fund Logo (PNG)

Landscape (Colour)

Landscape (Greyscale)

Portrait (Colour)

Portrait (Greyscale)

Green Infrastructure Fund Logo (EPS)

Available on request; please email us .  We will issue a copy to you as soon as possible.

European Structural and Investment Funds Logo

Downloadable logos in JPG, PNG or PDF file format

Scottish Natural Heritage Logo

Downloadable logos in JPG and EPS file format

Claims and Reporting

TEMPLATE: SNH Bank Details Form - Grants (editable PDF)

TEMPLATE: Quarterly Progress Report

TEMPLATE: Claim Form

TEMPLATE: Revised Financial Forecast Form

TEMPLATE: Managing Authority Timesheet

TEMPLATE - Final Report (GIF)

TEMPLATE - Final Report (GICEF)

TEMPLATE - Annual Post Project Report (GICEF) - Please be aware that this is a read-only template – your Project and Funding Officer will prepare a bespoke annual post project report for you and make it available for you at the appropriate time for you to complete.

GUIDANCE: ESIF National Rules on Eligibility of Expenditure


GUIDANCE: Managing Authority Timesheet Guidance

Procurement Expenditure

TEMPLATE: Procurement Document Checklist / Aide Memoire

GUIDANCE: Managing Authority - Procurement Penalties

GUIDANCE: EU - Procurement Errors - Clawback and Penalties

GUIDANCE: EU - Overview - Procurement Errors

Change Requests

TEMPLATE: Change Request Form

GUIDANCE: Change Guidance and Process

Monitoring & Evaluation

TEMPLATE - Equality Impact Assessment

TEMPLATE - Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

TEMPLATE - On-site Survey

TEMPLATE - Residents' Survey

GUIDANCE - Monitoring & Evaluation