The National Planning Framework 3 (NPF3)

The NPF 3 sets the context for development planning in Scotland and provides a framework for the spatial development of Scotland as a whole.

The NPF3 states that The Scottish Government wants a “step change in environmental quality, especially in places with long-standing disadvantages arising from a legacy of past industrial activity”. The Framework recognises that a “more integrated approach and ‘greening’ of the urban environment through green infrastructure and retrofitting can improve the quality of life within our towns and cities, alongside enhancing their longer-term environmental performance and climate resilience.”

On Scotland’s legacy of vacant and derelict land, it notes that “Most of Scotland’s vacant and derelict land lies in and around our cities, and particularly in west central Scotland. This presents a significant challenge, yet also an opportunity for investment.”

It goes on to say that “Well-designed green infrastructure can support regeneration efforts within our towns and cities, and improved attractiveness and environmental performance can act as a catalyst for economic investment. Temporary uses for vacant and derelict land, for example for community growing or supporting biodiversity, can also help to attract investment in specific sites or wider areas. Whilst re-use of vacant land remains a priority, in some cases greening initiatives could be the best permanent solutions for sites where built development is unrealistic for cost or other reasons.”